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About Bob Loukas

Bob Loukas is the founder of The Financial Tap. With over 25 years of experience in market analysis and trading, Bob is a life-longstudentof economics and has an abiding passion for the financial markets.

He is a leading expert in Market Cycles.His love of Cycles emerged from the study of the work of Walter Bressert, a pioneer in the field.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Bob has been settled in New York City for the past 20 years. His background is in Computer Sciences, with extensive experience in the Financial Software arena. Prior to launching The Financial Tap, Bob served as a senior executive at various Fortune 50 firms where he led development of financial trading and reporting software.

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Everyone wants winning trades, and the best chance of getting them is when the forces in favor of the trade converge. Identifying these convergences is where the study and discipline of Cycles can give investors a serious edge. Combining Macro and Cycles Analysis, The Financial Tap will only put on trades if the right odds and probabilities greatly favor the trade being successful.

It’s all about putting the trade in perspective, executing when it makes the most sense, having the conviction to stand aside when the odds are not in our favor.


It’s not enough for any market advisory service to be right or to simply stream out successful trades.

They need to be clear, concise and educational. Investors want to trust and understand the investments they are making. More so, investors want to improvise on the investments as it fits and relates to their personal situation. In order for investors to extract the most value out of a service, they must feel comfortable, believe in it, and most importantly trust it.

Through your membership, The Financial Tap will help guide you through all aspects of wealth management. Don’t think of the membership in terms of a trading service, think of it as a membership to endless investment and wealth management training.

Risk Management

Losing trades are a certainty, and in fact they occur rather frequently. It is how well they are managed that determines how successful a strategy will be. Risk management must be at the core of any strategy, as mitigating losses ensures that the worse you could do, is not make any money. Anybody can make a lot of money when enough risk is applied. Earning gains with minimal risk, while protecting capital, is at the heart of risk management.

Before any investment is made, the appropriate risk management questions must be answered. Defining risk is so often overlooked, yet by managing risk, you allow your portfolio to grow with the winning trades. Learn proper risk management via its practice at The Financial Tap. We will show you how great risk management strategies can be applied within your own strategies.


Where is the market heading? What are the longer secular Cycles telling us? Understanding the Cycles help you find the trends, makes you a better investor. Cycles help you beyond just the equities markets; understanding and investing with the greater cycles greatly benefits all facets of your personal wealth management.

For example, knowing when the Cycles are favorable for purchasing an investment property, starting a business or when to change the long term holdings of your 401k retirement funds have far reaching wealth implications. By following The Financial Tap, you get to study and learn the cycles; you too could incorporate the proven power of cycles in your every day wealth management planning.


I am a realist and I’m the first to tell you that there is no holy grail of trading. Anybody trying to guarantee you type of result is not to be trusted.

However, one thing I do know for certain is that I have found several unique and concrete strategies that make the world of sense to me, and I’ve been able to use these strategies to make serious money. I also understand that the less I trade, the better my strategies will perform over the long run and the more time I can devote to my family and other passions. Getting short term trades is important, as is learning strategies that help you plan for long term wealth success.


Patience is a key ingredient to the success of The Financial Tap strategies. Being assertively patient is a trait shared by all very successful investors and its one reason why The Financial Tap is so too. Waiting for the most opportune moment to execute trades or knowing how to handle the waves of each cycle is what sets the elite apart from the rest. Our strategies require patience, coupled with a disciplined approach; you too will learn these skills.

About Me - Bob Loukas | The Financial Tap (2024)


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