Happy 4/20! State Bicycle Co. Lights Up New Bob Marley Klunker Collaboration (2024)

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Written by Ron Frazelle

Happy 4/20! State Bicycle Co. Lights Up New Bob Marley Klunker Collaboration (1)(Photos/State Bicycle Co.)

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Well, it’s 4/20… time to put down the jazz cabbage and read about the State Bicycle Co. X Bob Marley collaboration. This collaboration celebrates the music and culture surrounding the iconic Bob Marley, the unity of cycling, and sustainable living.

The limited-edition collection promises a harmonious blend of style and substance. It features the State Bicycle Co’s Klunker and 4130 Road+ lines. It also includes hemp frame bags, bar bags, and a range of unique and distinctive cycling apparel.

Bob Marley Klunker/Hemp Bag Combo

Take a journey of rhythm and freedom with the State Bicycle Co X Bob Marley Klunker. Inspired by the legend, Bob Marley, this collab fuses vibrant colors with an iconic lion insignia. It celebrates the spirit of reggae and the essence of movement. As a tribute to Bob Marley’s legacy, each Klunker comes equipped with a painted Bob Marley signature, and a limited edition hemp frame bag and hemp saddle.

This Klunker is ready to embrace the spirit of freedom, expression, and unity as you ride to the beat of your own drum. The Klunker model is the perfect bike for a chill ride around the neighborhood, trips to the store, or even a quick shralp on a local trail.

Klunker/Hemp Bag Combo Retail and Details

Retail: $499 (with bag, obvi)

  • Sized for riders 5’5″ to 6’3″
  • Frame: Durable Steel Frame & Fork w/ 5 Year Warranty
  • Handlebars: BMX Style V-bar with 7″ rise, 30” extra-wide
  • Wheels: Extra Durable 36h BMX Style Rim w/ 2.4″ Kenda Booster Gum-Wall Tires
  • Saddle: Limited Edition Hemp Saddle
  • Gear: 42t Crank with 22t Coaster Style Cog forcruising
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake – Just Pedal Backwards
  • Pedals: Flat MTB Style Platform Pedals
  • Extras: Limited Edition Hemp Frame Bag ($69.99 value) + Bottle Opener Included

The Bob Marley Inspired 4130 Road+

Using the robust, double-butted Chromoly frames, the new 4130 Road+ spews forth timeless aesthetics fused with modern functionality. It uses 8-speed down tube shifters, a fully CNC machined crank sporting a 44t chainring, and an 11/28t cassette.

The new Road+ also boasts larger tire clearance, now accommodating 700x35c tires, allowing for some beyond-pavement exploration. The new riser bars offer a comfy riding position while adding agility.

It also comes adorned with a Bob Marley signature, a limited edition hemp saddle, and a lion insignia exuding the reggae spirit. This bike’s attention to detail and compatibility with front and rear racks offer the perfect blend of form and function. It comes in 5 different sizes, sure to fit riders from 5’1″ to 6’6″. Choose your color as well with Bob Marley Rasta Strip Tan or Rasta Stripe Black.

4130 Road+ Retail and Details

Retail: $599

  • Frame:Double-Butted 4130 Grade Chromoly Steel Frame ft. Seat Stay Rack Mounts and Cable Stops
  • Wheelset:​Light-weight ‘Lo-Pro’ Wheels w/ Sealed Bearing Hubs, Quick-Release Levers and 35c tires
  • Gearing:​ 44T Chainring w/ 11-28T Cassette
  • Derailleur:​ Sunrace RD-R81 8 Speed
  • Handlebars:​ Aluminum Riser Bars
  • Brakes:​Front and Rear Caliper Hand Brakes
  • Pedals:​ IncludesAlloy Pedals from Wellgo
  • Saddle:​Limited Edition Hemp Saddle
  • Sizes:​ 5 Frame Sizes to fit any Rider Height from 5’1” to 6’6″ (Size 55 cm Pictured)
  • Colors: Rasta-Stripe Tan Rasta-Stripe Black
  • Max Recommended Tire Size:35c (sizes of up to 38c+ have been fitted by riders however, fitment varies on wheels used, brand of tires, and other factors)
  • WEIGHT:22 lb 10 oz​ *(weights taken using 55cm frame)

The Bags and Top Caps

Adding a fun aesthetic and an eco touch to the collaboration, the collection introduces new hemp frame bags and handlebar bags. Both of these bags are constructed of sustainable materials. Not only do these bags enhance your riding experience, as a good bag does, but they also align with Bob’s vision of a greener planet.

Hemp Bags and Top Cap Retail and Features

Frame Bag Retail: $69.99
Bar Bag Retail: $39.99
Top Cap Retail: $14.99

Frame Bag Features

  • Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
  • Durable Hemp Shell and Nylon Liner
  • Easy Pull Zippers for Access While Riding
  • Capacity: 3.12 Liters
  • Measurements W 52 x H 8 x D 6 cm

Bar Bag Features

Over 60% larger than the previous All-Road Bar Bag. Perfect for XL Adventures on the road or trails.

  • Made from durable Hemp
  • Waterproof zipper to keep your goods dry!
  • Extra Large 2.75 L Capacity
  • Zippered Side Pocket
  • Dimensions: 26.5cm (Length) x 11.5 (Diameter)

Bob Marley Clothing and Accessories

A perfect compliment to the bicycles, bags, and accessories in this collection, is a thoughtfully curated line of cycling apparel. Drawing inspiration from Marleys’ iconic style, the collection includes jerseys, bibs, and accessories that can elevate your ride.

Jerseys and Tech Tees

Jerseys: $69.99
Tech Tees: $59.99

Cargo Bibs

Retail: $89.99


  • Rich-Colored Lycra that Refuses to Fade with Regular Wear (not sublimated color)
  • High-Grade Black Leg Gripper for Ultimate Comfort
  • Performance cut for enhanced aerodynamics and freedom of movement
  • Cargo pockets on the sides for convenient storage during long adventure rides
  • Quick Dry and Breathable Upper Mesh for optimal moisture management
  • Sweat Wicking Material keeps you cool and dry throughout your ride

Check out the entire collection and “lively up yourself” by hitting the link below.


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Happy 4/20! State Bicycle Co. Lights Up New Bob Marley Klunker Collaboration (2024)


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